a letter to Paul

Dear Paul,

I was very pleased to learn you will visit the city of Zaohuang .I hope the following information will help you enjoy your stay in my hometown.

There are many scenic spots in Zaozhuang.I know you are interested in art and history.So firstly,I suggest you visit the ancient city of Taierzhuang(台儿庄古城) and Memorial Hall of Great Taierzhuang War(台儿庄大战纪念馆)  .The both lie in the Taierzhuang District of the  city of Zaozhuang(枣庄市台儿庄区). Secondly,because you like sports very much,I suggest you visit Baodugu National Forest Park(抱犊崮国家森林公园) and Zaozhuang Guishan Scenic Spot(枣庄龟山风景区).Both are located in the Shanting District of the city of Zaozhuang .Many people who like climbing often exercise there.

By the way,you need to bring some casual clothing and sports shoes.When you get there,you also need to buy a map.

I hope these suggestions will be helpful.

I am looking forward to meeting you here.

Yours Sincerely,

Wang Lin



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